Celeste Rayden, a 21-year old student from New York, knows when things happen for the last time in her life, like meeting someone she’d never see again. All because this someone is going to die the next day. After losing her entire family to a disbelief in her peculiar talent, she’s haunted by guilt. With a promise to never let another get hurt, she’s now faced with a challenge of saving her teenage love – Hayden Young. 

Only he doesn’t need it. Just like Celeste, Hayden has powers of his own, those involving deadly secrets, scientific experiments, and powerful enemies. Carefully concealed under a facade of a successful businessman, they now find their way to the surface, trying to hurt the one he begins to cherish the most – Celeste. Now the two have to fight against his past, surrendering to an irresistible pull to each other.

They say people with extraordinary powers have extraordinary enemies – the truth Celeste and Hayden know better than anyone. Only sometimes even the strongest can’t protect their loved ones.

All RIGHTS RESERVED © 2018 by Maria Richmond

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